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Our promise to you!Is that the following three things will happen to you when you visit the Land of Endless Horizons, Guaranteed!

You will fall head over heels in love with Namibia – you will be chanting WOW so often that it will start to sound like a broken record!
You will wish to share this new-found love affair with your family, close friends and extended tribe - those you hold most dearest, Hello Return Trip!
You will certainly want to prolong the connection with Africa’s Best Kept Secret. You will find yourself brainstorming on how best to achieve a much more permanent tie with Namibia…some of our clients have either found their Namibian soulmates, purchased prime residential property, or set-up businesses.

Are you ready for us to fulfil our promise to you? It would be our absolute delight to curate with you!

Welcome to DesertRose Travel and Concierge!

It is our mission to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience

We do it all for our clients, from travel and leisure to cultural experiences, commercial and residential property sales and rentals, to event management and our unique bouquet of concierge services.

Faster response time
A Selection of Premium Accommodation
Tailored and Exclusive Local Activities
Curated Chauffeured Safaris

Premium Accommodation

We only accommodate our clients in selected Luxury Lodges and Hotels.